Case Studies

We’ve provided UX research and analysis services to help leading companies achieve measurable user experience and product improvements:

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Significantly improved eCommerce revenue through usability testing

Business goal: A major eCommerce website would like to encourage users to do more shopping and increase shopping conversion

What we did: Provided UI design and content strategy recommendations to improve users’ bidding experience based on two rounds of iterative usability testing that we conducted.

Outcome: The company’s revenue increased drastically due to the design improvements driven by our recommendations.

Influenced UX design of a major gaming platform 

Business goal: A major gaming company wanted to improve user engagement with its console experience.

What we did: We conducted a user research study to evaluate and improve user engagement, social experience, and usability of the console experience.

Outcome: Recommendations we made based on user observation was integrated into the console’s UI design and led to increased user engagement with the console’s landing page.

Informed marketing messaging and UX of a new product launch

Business goal: A leading financial company was introducing a new financial product to provide working capital to small business owners in helping them grow business.

What we did: We conducted numerous customer research studies to iteratively improve the marketing messaging, first-use experience, and usability of this product.

Outcome: Implementing our marketing and UX recommendations, the product was successfully launched with great initial success with customers.

Shaped the successful launch of an award-winning iPhone app

Business goal: A major financial company was developing its first-ever iPhone app.

What we did: Step 1: Conducted concept evaluation to identify features that the app should include to support user needs. Step 2: Provided design consulting and developed the interaction design of the watch list feature for the app.

Outcome: The financial app was successfully launched and received great user reviews and a design award from w3c.

Informed global mobile strategy of a large corporation

Business goal: A major internet company was developing their global mobile strategy.

What we did: Conducted ethnographic strategic user research in multiple cities to understand user barriers, pain points, adoption triggers, and business opportunities in relation to developing a great mobile experience. Based on the insight, we advised the client on ways to integrate mobile and Web platforms to create seamless user experience.

Outcome: The client incorporated our recommendations in their mobile designs and saw increased user engagement.

Measurably reduced mobile app drop-off

Business goal: A major internet company experienced severe drop-offs on their mobile apps.

What we did: Conducted a usability study across all their mobile apps to identify issues causing the drop-offs and made recommendations to reduce the drop-offs.

Outcome: The recommendations were deemed very valuable by the client and were being implemented in the next release of the mobile apps.

Developed successful client experience strategy

Business goal: A start-up wanted to develop a well integrated cross-channel client experience, a key element to its business model.

What we did: Provided consulting to help the co-founders develop client experience strategy.

Outcome: The company developed an award-winning mobile app, winning $25,000 prize money, and established partnership with major institutions to beta test their products.

Significantly increased click-through rate to Web promotions

Business goal: A leading financial services company would like to improve click-through to its homepage promotion, a key marketing instrument to promote their new ETF funds.

What we did: Provided consulting based on user insight and digital-marketing best practices.

Outcome: The click-through rate of the web promotion increased by more than 90%, which in turn translated into a multi-million dollar increase in revenue.


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