Business Strategy Consulting

Much too often, business strategies are developed through executives’ intuition and not based on an understanding of target users. The result: Companies develop lots of products that no one will ever use!

Based on customer insight, we help companies make the right strategic business decisions related to product, marketing, branding, and customer experience.

Our Strategy Tools

Customer Journey Analysis for Uncovering Business Opportunities


 UX Element Analysis for Identifying Business Priorities


Case Studies

  • Informed global mobile strategy through ethnographic research
  • Informed monetization model through customer experience analysis
  • Shaped product roadmap for a major financial company through persona development

Client experience strategy

Read our insight on how to inform strategy through customer insight:

Developing Customer Experience Ecosystem – Driving Business Results by Integrating Multiple Touch PointsHuman Computer Interaction International 2013 Proceedings

Creating Effective Personas for Product Design: Insights from a Case Study, Human Computer Interaction International 2011 Proceedings

Leveraging UX Insights to Influence Product Strategy

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