With many years of experience providing UX services for eBay, StubHub, Alibaba, and PayPal, our services cover the full range of eCommerce web designs, including homepage, checkout, merchandising, search, CRM, shipping, seller tools, inventory management, search and finding, among others.

Relevant Experience:

  • Established eyetracking as a key research method at eBay
  • Led online advertistng and merchandising research
  • Led design guidelines research in influencing interaction and visual design best practices
  • Led full-cycle user research to shape the redesigns of the power-seller tool and shipping tool
  • Conducted cross-cultural ethnographic research in information culturally-aware designs
  • Conducted extensive user research that covers almost all user-experience areas
  • Design for Facilitating eBay Transactions Using Skype, published at Human Computer Interaction International 2009 Proceedings.

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