Eyetracking is a powerful consumer research technique suited for improving user engagement. It achieves what conventional usability studies fail to achieve, because users cannot tell you what they look at – we have to directly observe their eye movement (see the screen below).

Eyetracking 1

Having established eyetracking lab at eBay, conducted extensive eyetracking research to improve user engagement, published articles, and trained professionals in applying the technique, we can help you create user experience that is engaging, easy to navigate, and monetizes well.

Case Studies

Below are some of our eyetracking case studies:

  • Helped improve overall visual design through visual-attention-grabbing design guidelines
  • Led to significant increase in online ads conversion based on how users pay attention to ads
  • Improved checkout conversion based on insight into users’ visual attention patterns

Eyetracking example


Read on to see how to benefit from eyetracking:

Our How-to Guide of Eyetracking Research

Our book chapter on leveraging eyetracking to improve user experience


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