Lean UX Research

Agile software development process gained tremendous popularity recently, adopted by many companies to deliver products through rapid iterative launch and testing.

To help companies deliver superb user experience through Agile process, we conduct lean UX research to provide highly relevant, timely, and actionable insight to continuously inform decisions.

The diagram below shows why Lean UX research works better: It is better integrated with product development and leads to a shortened insight -> decisions cycle.

Lean UX full size













Case Studies

  • Continuously informed a client of customer sentiment, usability issues, and product opportunities through an ongoing monthly lean UX research program.
  • Conducted extensive iterative checkout usability testing to significantly lift shopping conversion for eBay.
  • Dramatically improved revenue through conducting qualitative user research on bidding experience to complement A/B testing.

Ongoing lean UX research program






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Our How-to Guide of Lean UX Research


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