New Product Research

Developing new products and uncovering new markets pose great challenges, because we have found a product – market fit yet. At this stage, UI design and usability don’t matter. It’s the product concept — features, workflow, and monetization — that needs to be validated.

We helped many companies validate product concepts and uncover product opportunities.

Case studies

  • Helped a major financial services company launch its first, and award-winning iPhone app through early concept validation, by identifying use cases and conceptual design of the iPhone app. The app received a five-start rating in the app store and a silver award from w3c award.
  • Helped a finance company launch its new merchant loan program, a major product launch targeting small business owners, through advising on marketing and usability improvements.
  • Helped a healthcare start-up create its first iPad app, which won an award and $25,000 prize money, through product strategy consulting.

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Read our free tutorial for ways to validate new product ideas:

Developing Products that Customers Want – A Step-by-Step Guide


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