Over the years, our services have covered nearly all aspects of customer and user research needs across many clients. Most recently, we focus on three tracks of field-tested services that in our experience have proven to bring most benefits to businesses:

Track 1: Improve user research process

Having a solid user research process is the first step a company needs in order to use user insight to grow business. We’ve helped companies such as Google, Barclays, BlackRock, and StubHub develop effective research processes, and we’d like to provide the same type of service to you. Here is how this works:

Track 2: Lean UX Research program

Conducting user research in an agile and business-relevant manner is key to timely integrating user insight in decision making. We’ve had extensive experience in this area, having helped companies such as eBay, StubHub, and PayPal set up and run lean user research programs: 

Track 3: Full-cycle product innovation research

We also focus on supporting product innovation through comprehensive research activities, and have helped companies such as Google, Twitter, eBay, and Home Depot with innovation strategy and execution through a comprehensive system of innovation research:

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