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UX Research - Improve Experience Based on User Insight

UX Research – Improve Experience Based on User Insight

Ever wonder who your target users are, what their typical behaviors are, whether your product align with their needs, and how to monetize based on user behavior? The answer: conduct UX research to get the answers.

We are here to provide you with actionable insights to inform product strategy and UI design, through an extensive array of research services:

  • Persona development
  • Diary studies
  • Wireframe evaluation
  • Eyetracking research
  • Field study
  • Contextual inquiry
  • Iterative usability testing
  • A/B-test companion user research


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Business Strategy - Inform Strategic Decisions Based on 360-Degree User Analysis

Business Strategy – Inform Strategic Decisions Based on 360-Degree User Analysis

Successful customer experience starts with an informed business strategy. We help companies develop strategy that aligns to customer needs and market opportunities through insight and analysis.

Our clients improve the following areas through our strategy consulting and research services:

  • Product roadmap
  • Product features
  • Customer-experience-based KPIs
  • Monetization model
  • Cross-platform experience strategy

business strategy


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New Product Opportunities  - Develop and Evaluate Product Concepts

New Product Opportunities – Develop and Evaluate Product Concepts

Developing a new product and uncovering new markets pose great challenges, because we have found a product – market fit yet. At this stage, UI design and usability don’t matter. It’s the product concept — features, workflow, and monetization — that needs to be validated.

We can help your business overcome the challenges by validating product concepts and uncovering product opportunities:

  • Validating product concept
  • Identifying product features
  • Developing use cases
  • Understanding target customers
  • Creating experience strategy
  • Developing marketing strategy

New product feature picture


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Customer Experience Strategy - Create Holistic Experience to Engage Customers

Customer Experience Strategy – Create Holistic Experience to Engage Customers

Based on many years of helping companies develop multi-channel customer experience, we help you develop holistic, cross-channel, end-to-end customer experience to

  • let your customers find you through multiple touch points
  • keep your customers within your websites and mobile apps
  • satisfy their needs while they’re visiting
  • turn them into paying customers
  • and lead to repeat visits

Customer Experience Strategy Featured

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Usability - Measurably Improve Ease of Use and Conversion

Usability – Measurably Improve Ease of Use and Conversion

Ever wonder why your website or mobile app doesn’t attract users? Why so many users did not finish registration? Why you saw a significant drop-off in completing a transaction?

We are here to answer those usability questions and help you improve the following:

  • Conversion
  • Engagement
  • Discoverability
  • Satisfaction
  • Ease of use
  • Content comprehension
  • Site navigation

Usability Feature

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Having conducted user research for IMVU, PS4, and eBay games, we’ve gained unique insight into how to measure, track, and improve user engagement and usability of games:

  • Conducted user research to improve SONY’s Playstation 4 console experience
  • Provided user research consulting to IMVU to help the company discover new market segments
  • Conducted usability/diary research to improve usability and long-term engagement of eBay’s game-based loyalty program.

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Mobile Experience

Having shaped the design of an award-winning iPhone app and influenced the iPad strategy and UI architecture for a large company, we’re well positioned in providing innovative mobile app design solutions.

Relevant Experience:

  • Conducted mobile concept evaluation in identifying product opportunities and driving iPhone-app and iPad-app features.
  • Developed usability solutions that significantly improved ease of use and led to an award-winning iPhone app.
  • Developed mobile-site business strategy based on 360-degree research & analysis.
  • Developed iPad-app UX best practices based on comprehensive competitive analysis.
  • Developed iPad-app UI architecture in defining the workflow, information architecture, interaction model, navigation, and content-design framework.

Check out a revolutinary business card app we designed, 4evercard; we also helped design UX for the Complaint app, an app where people anonymously complaint about any topic.


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Enterprise Software

Having conducted customer research and developing UX strategy for Oracle, Barclays, BlackRock, and Cisco to improve software usability and product definition, we have extensive experience in helping improve enterprise and small-business software Relevant Experience:

  • Conducted design strategy research to inform the design architecture of Oracle software suite
  • Informed eBay’s seller and shipping tools development through UX research and consulting
  • Led UX strategy and research for Barclays’s financial tools
  • Helped a number of enterprise software companies improve usability and product strategy through customer research

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With many years of experience providing UX services for eBay, StubHub, Alibaba, and PayPal, our services cover the full range of eCommerce web designs, including homepage, checkout, merchandising, search, CRM, shipping, seller tools, inventory management, search and finding, among others.

Relevant Experience:

  • Established eyetracking as a key research method at eBay
  • Led online advertistng and merchandising research
  • Led design guidelines research in influencing interaction and visual design best practices
  • Led full-cycle user research to shape the redesigns of the power-seller tool and shipping tool
  • Conducted cross-cultural ethnographic research in information culturally-aware designs
  • Conducted extensive user research that covers almost all user-experience areas
  • Design for Facilitating eBay Transactions Using Skype, published at Human Computer Interaction International 2009 Proceedings.

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